Thursday, June 26, 2008

Entrecard Buzz

You have probably noticed the rectangle on the top left of my side bar that states ‘Drop’ and an ‘E’ that stands for Entrecard. It includes a picture that changes daily, this is called a ‘card’. A card is like a digital business card for your blog that each blogger creates (125x125 formats). The ‘card’ serves as an advertisement for your personal blog. As you earn credits on Entrecard you may use them to buy advertisement space on other blogs. The ads run for a complete 24hrs with no rotation and are free! The card that shows in my widget changes daily and its purpose is to serve as an ad for another blog that I have personally approved. My 'card' is found on other sites where I choose to advertise and the site owner accepts my ad.

So what is the point of signing up with Entrecard?

Entrecard gives the blogger a chance to promote their blog. It doesn’t matter if you are new to blogging or have an established site. It is free, immediate and easy to set up. Entrecard increased my blog traffic right away and I hadn’t even started advertising!

After you register with Entrecard you may start ‘dropping’. To drop is to go to a blog and if you see the widget click on ‘drop’. Pretty easy. You will earn EC’s (Entrecard Credits) for this action. When you accumulate enough EC’s you can advertise on other blogs and get more traffic to your site! You also get EC’s when others place ads on your blog.

Entrecard is not just about promoting your blog. It is a place to find amazing blogs, make some friends and yes gain popularity for your blog right away. It is a blogging community. The blog database can be searched by topic type. This has given me the opportunity to find some interesting blogs that I would have never come across otherwise. There is also a forum and messaging. Entrecard is an ideal place to see and learn what other bloggers are doing.

As any community there are some etiquette rules to follow. Always follow those who drop on you that is the number one rule! It is not always reciprocated; there is a lot of buzz about this throughout the blogosphere. I just say deal with it. Who knows why the other person couldn’t get back to your blog to drop. Maybe they just had so many drops they can’t keep up. The fact is if I drop on you and you don’t drop back, your card will not show up in my dashboard and I will probably not drop again. I don’t loose any sleep over it. I always drop and then follow the advertisement and drop there too. This can go on perpetually! The more I drop the more I gain!

I actually not only drop but read the sites. It takes forever on dial-up but it is well worth it I have found some great sites and great tips on making money online. The amount of time I will spend on a page depends on the content and the grammar. While I am not an English professor, if I have a hard time reading a post I will drop and leave. The buzz is that not a lot of Entrecard users actually read the posts. There are what are called “drive by droppers” or “chain droppers”. They just drop and run. That is fine with me. If I can’t keep your attention long enough to read, well…what am I going to do? Whine that you do not read my posts? Nope, that is not me. I will just keep trying harder to make my blog more interesting so you will not be able to stop yourself from reading the posts. That’s just me, but to each his own.

If you haven’t given Entrecard a try yet I recommend you do so. This is not a paid post or anything of the sort. It is from my own personal experience in the last couple of weeks that I recommend this service.

Happy dropping!

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