Saturday, June 7, 2008

Emma the Puppy is Home!

We have a puppy! Her name is Emma. She is 12 weeks old. We adopted her on June 1st. It was a lot quicker than the usual week or two! This was thanks to the great people at the rescue, Furry Angels. Michaela processed our application late Saturday night so we could make it to their adoption event on Sunday. It was a really long drive, 31/2 hrs, but was well worth it. Emma is a great puppy! Well behaved and smart. House trained in two days! She is a Newfoundland mix, some Lab and Golden Retriever the vet said. She is black in color and is going to be BIG! Did you know that large black dogs are usually the last to be adopted? We feel really good about getting Emma.

We found her on; where we were directed to the Furry Angels Rescue’s web page, filled out the application and received a response from them right away. Emma is healthy and we love her tons already!

More puppy updates to come! And better pictures, she is not very camera-friendly!

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