Saturday, June 21, 2008


After renting an SUV this last January, my car was hit by an idiot who ran a stop sign! Don’t even make me go there! Anyway back to the topic, so I decide I want an SUV and I no longer cared how much it pollutes, wastes energy and blah, blah blah. I mean what was one more SUV going to do to the environment? I am 5’10” tall, for the love of God have some sympathy! My compact hurts! I have bruised legs from the steering wheel!

Then gas prices started hitting record highs and I thought about it again. No way! I will not continue to support the oil companies who are at the very same time that we are struggling making record profits! I mean what is that? It’s like go ahead slap me across the face while you….in the behind, I don’t mind, really. (Sorry but there is no nice way to put it.) I will do whatever it takes to stop my dependency on fuel! I will keep the car I have until something different comes along. That is my final say.

Gas prices are out of Control! Let’s face it; it will only get worse in the long run. The truth is that it has been a long time in the making, we need alternative fuel sources ASAP! The major oil companies have kept the new technologies from emerging, we have all heard about the great inventors who sold their licenses to alternative fuel motors thinking that they were going to change the world, only to find out their buyer was an oil company who buried the invention. My own grand-uncle, with no more than a grammar school education 30+ years ago altered his engine to run on water!

But times are a changing! Finally the public is outraged; we will not let the oil companies bury another alternative fuel powered engine design. We have cut down on driving; we are selling our gas guzzlers, production of SUV's is coming to a screeching halt, oh yeah! Watch out OPEC your days of a gold palace are coming to an end!

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