Monday, June 16, 2008

The Buzz on Ace’s Web World

If you are looking for pool cues this is the site! Everything Pool and Billiards, plus Free Tournament Brackets! It is not just pool either; there are posters of all kinds, a bookstore, a music store, an area just for kids, NASCAR fan shop, sports page and so much more! All these products in one convenient place with easy navigation and great prices, too!

The Fine Arts poster site was a terrific find for me. I have been lucky enough to travel the world and visit many, many museums. From which I bought back numerous posters, some have been ruined and it was awesome to find them again! Same quality, better price! The Florida vintage posters brought back some fond memories of the old Art Deco South Beach. Not about clubs and celebrities, but about great Architecture.

There is also the and educational site in which you can find short biographies of “The Presidents of the United States along with related links, books and posters. All in one easy, convenient page! I also found Ace’s Bio-farm to be enlightening. Here you will find artists, authors, musicians and NASCAR biographies.

My favorite area of Ace’s site was his short stories section. I was enthralled by his stories. Found that I had to finish each and everyone before going on with my day. My favorite one was “The Kid Who Beat Mosconi”, by Ace Toscano. The mother in-law in this story reminds me of my own grandma. Good thing I am the ‘apple of her eye’ or else I would have it really bad!

Ace Toscano is my dad’s best friend. They have been friends ever since I can remember. We call him Pana, that’s my dad’s nickname for him. I believe it means friend, buddy, and partner in crime. I can see them going out and raising hell! Pana loves pool, my dad loves soccer. They each have their respective blogs on the topics they are passionate about. Both were built by Pana who is helping my dad into the 21st century! Pana and his wife now live in Florida. We do not get to see them as much as we would like.

I spent my first Easter at Pana’s, had my first snowball fight and built my first snow fort with Michele, Pana’s daughter. Michele was my first friend in the USA; we were pen pals before I came over and then play mates. I couldn’t even write at the time, they used double lined paper where it was written in English and then translated underneath by my dad. My grandma read them to me. I remember my excitement when I learned to write and was able to write my own letter! Grandma still has them, safe with all my pictures and various keepsakes.

Soon after, grandma and I came to the US. I learned English with Pana and his family. I had my fist view of American life through Pana’s sweet and loving family. I remember their kitchen, and Pana’s wife, Helen, baking for us. I think it was cookies; I was amazed, for you see my grandma is no cook! My first enforced bedtime was at Pana’s, so was my first Easter egg hunt. I may not have liked the bedtime thing at the time, but now that I have a family, we have a bedtime for the little one. We sit down as a family for dinner, and yes we have an Easter egg hunt every year. I have even been known to bake a thing or two. All things I learned at Pana’s.

Thanks Pana and Helen for all the wonderful memories.

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