Saturday, June 21, 2008

OMG! A Car That Runs on Compressed Air!

It exists! Yes there is a car that runs on air and only “pure air exits its tailpipe”!! I am so excited! Of course, it is not available at the moment. It is though, in its “final development stage”. estimates 96mph top speed and up to an 800 mile range. Pretty good! Demand for the Air Car will be high. I signed up with my e-mail to be kept up to date; purchasing an Air Car will not be easy. They are taking ‘reservations’ for US deliveries in 2010. Three similar models will be available.

“If you can, imagine a vehicle that runs on air, achieves over 100 gas-equivalent mpg and over 90 mph, has zero to low C02 emissions, seats six, has plenty of space for luggage, cuts no safety corners, and costs no more than an average economy to mid-size vehicle.”

Ok, there is a bad aspect. It is French! I know that if you are an American loving patriot like my honey, French products are not allowed. But, hey! You know it’s for the good of the entire planet! It was developed by MDI-Motor Development International based in France, with Guy Negre in charge. mission statement:

To bring zero pollution motoring at any speed, for any distance, to the largest number of motorists possible and, in doing so, significantly improve the quality of the air we breathe and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Sounds great to me, I don’t care where it’s made as long as no one was harmed in the process! I want one! They also look real cute, calls it 'Smart Design’. They are just as safe as other cars on our roads today, for they follow the same safety rules. Air bags and ABS braking included.

No sacrifice of the usual amenities, either. The Air Car comes equipped with full CFC-Free A/C; power windows, doors and locks; optional GPS, etc. Ok so the sacrifice is in horsepower, only 75hp. You can’t have everything! See vehicle specs.

Price is the best thing; it actually is affordable for the average population. The Air Car is proposed at roughly $17,800. Oil changes are only required every 31,000 miles! They estimate $2 to fill up and 106mpg! Simple maintenance by replacement of parts cuts down on labor costs. I am totally sold!

Oh, Oh. I read on, guess what? At higher speeds, over 35mph, it uses other types of fuel. Darn it! I have been fooled again! Ok it is still twice as clean as the cleanest car out there today and they are small amounts of fuels such as gasoline, propane or ethanol. They do say it gets “over 100 gas-equivalent mpg”. That is still better than my 31mpg highway.

Refueling problems again, must plug into a normal power outlet. It does also refuel while driving at high speeds. Ok so I will do like that dude that installed his own wind turbine in his back yard, plus some solar panels and done deal! Actually I am serious about this. I have thought about it for years, my education makes this an easily accessible option, remember I am an Archi! I know how to do it, at least in theory. Money has been a deterrent, but given the state of things I do believe this will finally become a feasible option for a lot of people.

Happy Trails!


I am in no way associated with this company or have received any form of payment from for this post. It is of my own free will that I chose to write about the Air Car with no compensation in mind. However, if anyone from reads this and wants to throw an Air Car my way, I by no means will refuse it! Imagine how much I could write if I actually got to drive one!

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