Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Claritin RediTabs Buzz

You thought non-drowsy allergy relief was impossible? Not with Claritin RediTabs!

I suffer from allergies, and I also pass out when I take allergy meds. So what was I to do? Stay in the house so my allergies will not act up or take the med and stay in the house because I am so drowsy I can’t do anything? It was a no win situation for me. Then I received my latest BzzAgent campaign for Claritin RediTabs.

My allergies are pretty bad. Plus, I’m allergic to bug bites which is not such a common thing. In addition of course to dust, weeds, pollen, grass, mold and more. The facts state that Claritin RediTabs work for 24hrs, are prescription strength and dissolve instantly in your mouth. I was doubtful. Nothing on the package said bug bites and I hate taking pills, no water sounds disgusting to me.

Well surprise! They really do work! Claritin RediTabs dissolve as soon as they go in your mouth. It is so awesome not to have to reach for a glass of water! They can be taken anywhere, it is so convenient. My allergy symptoms where gone within a half hour and the effect lasted well into the next day. Best of all, I was not lethargic! I could continue with my activities and even drive with no drowsiness whatsoever. I stopped using my other very popular allergy med at once and have not looked back.

As a BzzAgent I get to try out new websites and products and provide honest reviews about them. Buzzing is about word of mouth, sharing honest and informed opinions. Claritin RediTabs is one of the latest campaigns. I am not paid for my opinions so I can be honest and tell the good and the bad, I am not a salesperson! I receive some free samples, coupons, and some points that’s it. To see more of my BzzAgent reviews or become a BzzAgent yourself follow the link below. It is fun and informative!

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