Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BBB Update

Just wanted bring up to date the “Check out a Business or Charity” page for the Better Business BureauOnLine site. I have recommended in previous posts as a first step to look up a business on their site for any complaints before paying for anything. I recently went to their BBBOnLine site to complete this very same task and found the page was hard to find. No longer is this option found in the home page. Also, the state information is now optional, which I am sure was required before. This is a good change because a lot of times it is really difficult to find this information, especially with the less reputable organizations.

Their Consumer page is where you will find the link to check out the business or charity as well as a link to file a complaint. Also, other useful tools like a resource library, find a local BBB, find accredited businesses/charities and program and services. For an explanation of the rating used by the BBB click here.

I will be updating the links on my previous posts ASAP. But, first the reason for me checking out the site will be the next post! Stay tuned for a work at home opportunity that has been coming to your inbox unveiled!

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