Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Work at Home Opps in your Inbox – HighestPaySurveys.com

I checked my e-mail and there it was “make $10-$300 per hour for answering simple online surveys and participating in online focus groups.” I have been doing online surveys for a while now, as you may know, and $300 sounded really suspicious. But, like everyone else with the economy in the state that it is, gas prices at $4 a gallon, I thought maybe… Yes, I am that desperate.

Of course, nonetheless first I decided to do some checking around. I do follow what I preach. The following is the “Safety First” guidelines put to use. It is a little long, however it is instructive as well as revealing.

Step 1: whois.net search of the HighestPaySurveys website turns up they are registered with networksolutions.com.

Step 2: Went to the actual website and read it scrupulously. A guarantee is highlighted that states “Only HighestPaySurveys Guarantees Access to a $300 Survey Every Day.” The key word is ‘Access’ here, not that you will get the surveys, just that you will be able to access them. The price is “for a limited time only $49.95”, the usual gimmick, plus of course the free bonuses and member testimonials. They also promise that the opps are updated daily. Being the realist that I am, I looked for the small print. Way at the bottom of the page in very small print you will find the real guarantee, or in actuality the lack of guarantee.

“HighestPaySurveys.Com makes its best efforts to keep its list of paying survey sites up to date. HighestPaySurveys.Com is not responsible for content on the sites listed in the Member Area. HighestPaySurveys.Com has compiled a list of survey sites which as of being placed on the list offered compensation for survey participation. Members enjoy the value of this compilation. Full time income requirements vary widely according to each individual's needs. Income from participating in surveys and focus groups may or may not meet all income needs of all participants. Your results may vary. No guarantee can be made of actual earnings. (Quoted directly from HighestPaySurveys.com)

“Best efforts”? That means that if the site is not up to date, too bad for you. They tried. Access to broken links and outdated information will not make you much money.

“Not responsible for content found in the member’s area”? Ok so what are they responsible for? This is their site right? Is it not their own member’s area? Again, if after you pay, you don’t actually find their ‘member area’ rewarding in any way, too bad, they are not responsible.

“Enjoy the value of a compilation”? Really, they think we are going to enjoy paying $50 for a compilation of survey sites that we can find for free all over the net? I do not believe that is true.

What is clearly stated is that they make no guarantee of actual earnings. So basically, you are out $50.

See my post “Buzz on Paid Surveys” for realistic earning potentials and links to sites I use to make a little money on the side. Little money, keyword!

Step 3: Verify with BBBOnLine "Check out a Business or Charity. No surprise that their company report lists 31 total complaints and the lowest possible rating of “F”. Eight complaints about not ‘agreeing to perform according to their contract’, one ‘refusing to make an adjustment’ and 22 ‘unanswered’.

Complaint Experience on BBBOnLine states :

“Customer complaints allege they are mislead by false advertisements of making money immediately. Customer’s state they are unable to reach a customer services representative to address their concerns. Emails are unanswered or there are unable to connect to the company's website due to invalid passwords.

The company has responded to most of the complaints by citing company policy and stating that they do not guarantee any specific income amounts.

According to information in Bureau files, it appears that this company is no longer in business. The phone numbers the Bureau had for this company are disconnected, and directory assistance does not have a listing for this company. The Bureau's mail to this company has been returned as undeliverable. If you have an unresolved dispute with this company you may wish to seek legal advice.”
(Quoted directly from BBBOnLine website.)

If the BBB can not contact them and suggests hiring a lawyer I definitely do not want to do deal with this company. This business also goes by “American Home Workers Alliance”. I do not need much more to know that they are a scam and I shouldn’t give them a dime. But, for the sake of following the guidelines of “safety First” let’s go on to step four, Google search to check for Buzz.

Step 4: Google search for HighestPaySurveys second link on the Google page says “Don’t Join Highest-Pay-Surveys until You Read This Shocking Review!” You think ok and honest review. Wrong!

This site is a good example of fake-review sites. They are paid to promote HighestPaySurveys. Just look at their web address it includes the HighestPaySurveys name. It has that same format that I have come to associate with scams. There really is no proper header and no links to home pages or other reviews. In reality it promotes the sites it reviews while concealing the fact and using deceptive tactics to get you on their page.

I decide to check out another of their listed recommended sites randomly. The #4 recommended site I also found on BBBOnLine. “Paid Surveys Online” has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB.

“Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the BBB due to unanswered complaints. The company has resolves some complaints presented by the BBB, however most complaints remain unanswered.

Complaints generally concern the allegations that consumers are not able to make money as advertised. After registering procedures customers are being taken to prize give-a-ways sites, or many of the websites require a fee for membership. The main complaint is the alleged failure of the company to refund the original registration money despite the no questions asked money back guarantee.” (Quoted directly from BBBOnLine website.)

The usual complaints, high number of unresolved issues, and no responses. This company also goes by the name “WorkOnline4Pay”.

Continuing with the Google search I found more fake reviews and some real people talking about how they were ripped off. Learn to read between the lines and look for reliable sources. It is really sad how many unscrupulous persons are on the net to make money with no concern for others. They are promoting known scams for referral commissions. They are swindling the last few dollars of many upright folks with a dream to make a decent and honest income from home.

With the economy deteriorating every day and unemployment rates climbing higher it seems my inbox gets more and more of these offers. It makes me so sad to know that the most in need are the ones falling for these scams.

Bottom line: Do not pay for a job! Never, ever, ever!!


While some of these e-mails have an ‘unsubscribe’ link I have found that following such said link only increases the amount of spam I receive later on. I believe that following the link just lets them know that it is an active e-mail account and they will just send you more junk!

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