Friday, April 18, 2008

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SimpleTuition is a great free website to help you compare student loans. You do not need to enter any personal info, just a few clicks to see what loan is right for you. No credit checks are performed. Whether you are a student or a parent you can check out free information on different types of loans and consolidation of loans if you already have student loans. The comparison tool includes federal loans and private loans. You may be shopping for college loans and/or private school (K-12).

I loved the ease of use and detailed information about the loans. I personally checked out the loan consolidation tool for I already have existing loans. After inputting my loan amounts and types of lenders it gave me an estimated amount of what my current payments are and what they would be if I consolidated. What I liked best was that it gave me the pros and cons of consolidating. It gave advice on what loans not to consolidate, for example a Perkins Loan can be waived for certain jobs so it did not recommend to include it in the consolidation. The consolidation tool made it clear that while you would lower your monthly payments you would increase the total amount of the loan. I found this tool very useful and straightforward. I would definitely use it again either before applying for future student loans or for consolidation of my existing ones. It is convenient as you can apply directly from the website with your lender of choice. All the information you need is right there in one website. It helps you maximize your resources and choose wisely.

I would recommend this site to anyone thinking about returning to school, attending college, parents of college students or with kids in private schools (K-12) and those with existing student loans that are thinking or planning to consolidate.


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