Friday, November 7, 2008

Ask Pres. Elect Obama to Adopt Puppy from Shelter

Hi everyone! This is a cause very dear to me and I ask for your help.

We have all seen in the media recently that Pres. Elect Obama has promised his children a puppy for when they move into the White House. Please, write him and ask him to adopt a puppy from a shelter. I would hate to see him buy one when he can give a shelter puppy such a great opportunity and save a life!

You may e-mail him directly from his senate page at

You can get the links to the sites directly from here or add whatever you like. Look at the left towards the bottom for more ways to help.

Please support homeless pets:-)
I wrote him today, I hope it gets to him. Maybe if they get a bunch of these someone will make sure he reads them.

Thanks so much!!


I also wrote CNN News to do a story about it. Maybe if a lot of people write in they will! Again, power in numbers:-) Please help!

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