Monday, June 9, 2008

Housetraining with Puppy Pads

Day 8 of having Emma at home and housetraining is not perfect. Yes, I spoke too soon in my previous post.
We got puppy pads for her, they were recommended to us by another dog owner. Supposedly they include a scent on them that makes them want to go on the puppy pad. I have had them down since the second day of having her at home. I can say we have not been successful with them. Emma went once on them, I have lost track of the times she has gone next to them. She also chewed one up, which I am sure is not good for her if swallowed.
We have a schedule for her eating, drinking, going out for exercise and going out to eliminate. I think that is the best way. She does real good with the schedule and is really getting used to it. But, if we mess up and don’t take her out on time, then we find ourselves with an accident. We wanted the puppy pads to be a back up; they are not effective for us. Other people seem to have great results.
Our vet recommends the crate as I have mentioned in the post “Crate Training Buzz”. He really is right; you can’t keep a constant eye on the pup. If you are busy, the pup should be in her crate. Then you can take her out and head straight for the outdoors!

I found a site with some good tips on housebreaking. Click here

Updates to come!

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