Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ClixSense.com - Make Money by Clicking?

I decided to try out one of those pay-per-click opps found advertised around the net. There was a post on a related blog that recommended ClixSense.com, so I figured I would do a little investigating on the subject. The following is my recount of what I experienced.

After registering you may browse ads by clicking on the “Browse Ads” link, a list of available ads will appear, click on the ad that interests you. Then a timer will appear in the new ad window/tab, when it counts down to zero the amount declared for that ad will be credited to your account. Every so many ads you will have to input the Turing numbers/letters you see, it’s just their way to make sure you are not using an automated program to view the ads, or so I imagine. They use it at log-in also. Simple enough.

Only one account per household is strictly enforced. Payment will be made via check by regular mail. PayPal is not used. Payments are made on the 10th day of the month provided the user has reached the minimum payout of $10, or a higher amount if preferred. If not they will carry the balance over to the next month until the minimum is reached.

No fees are associated with making money on ClixSense.com. There is an option to upgrade to “premier status” which gives you the benefit of viewing more ads and collecting additional affiliate revenue. You may advertise on this site that is separate from your earnings.

The affiliate program pays premium members 5 levels deep for their referrals which they claim can lead up to a $366.50 payout. Regular members get $0.10 a referral. That is quite the difference. I am not there yet and I do not like to pay for anything either. I will not be upgrading anytime soon.

Some of the ads I viewed were for such things as The Discovery Store, JitterBug phone, money making opps, and shopping. A couple of the ads repeated themselves, but I was still credited. All of the ads so far pay a penny for 30 seconds of viewing except one that paid $0.02 for the same 30secs of viewing. The ads displayed match your profile settings. I should have checked off more interests because it only displayed 25 ads. Keep this in mind if you decide to sign-up. You can only change your profile settings once every 90 days!

I made $0.25 in 12.5 minutes. The money was accredited to my account right away. If I wanted to make $5 a day I would have to view 500 ads spending a little over 4hrs viewing these ads. I have dial-up and the pages loaded fast. The seconds start counting down before the page fully loads so, if I wanted I really wouldn’t have to wait for it to finish loading anyways. Using tabbed browsing makes it easy because I can still view other pages. I am surprised they haven’t figured this out yet. My curiosity makes me view the page for more than the 30secs required anyway.

Is it worth it? Not sure. It would be $5 more than I have now. Every penny counts, literally! It is up to each individual user. If you want to sign-up click on my link to ClickSense.com and I will make an entire $0.10! Thanks!

I will update when I have an actual check in my hand from ClickSense!

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Anonymous said...

Yea, I've just started off Clixsense. It seems to work so far, but is definitely not an unrealistic 'GET rich quick' plan. It takes time, but I can see how it would build over time.


Barbara said...

Thanks for commenting! I kinda gave up on it...haven't made enough to even cash out once. But, to be fair, I did forget all about it.