Monday, July 28, 2008

Make Money Blogging – PepperjamNetwork

PJN July Promo

Hurry while offer lasts! During the month of July PepperjamNetwork will pay publishers a $10 sign-up bonus! You must click through the special “$10 bonus” link.

PepperjamNetwork is a new affiliate marketing network that promises to breach the communication gap between affiliates and merchants through the Pepperjam Chat. Pepperjam Chat allows affiliates and merchants to be in touch in real time. PJN also addresses the lack of transparency found in other programs.

PJN is not just online marketing; it is an affiliate program management tool. The site includes reports and a resource center that are very supportive. At the resource center you will find help in the form of links where affiliates can make additional money and educational sources. Their goal for the resource center is to make every associate a ‘Super Affiliate’ and help you make tons of money! Cool, I’ll take that!

They value the blogging community and reciprocate with great incentives. Just take a look at this offer closely, yes you sign up and get $10, but not only does PJN get exposure I get $7 for you signing up! They are helping me make more money by giving you a great incentive to sign-up through my link. Awesome!

I personally like the fact that I can pick the programs I want to participate in and their interest in transparency. There are some great merchants on PJN (exclusive merchants!) and a great many of them.

I have just started out and will be posting later on about how it works for me. If I make any money, you will be the first to know!!

Don’t forget! You will only receive the $10 if you sign up through the “$10 Bonus” link. Unfortunately, when I signed up I messed that up somehow, and will not be receiving my $10. Don’t let the same thing happen to you!

Happy Blogging!

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PJN July Promo

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