Saturday, July 12, 2008

Been Mystery Shopping…

I haven’t been around the blogosphere for I was mystery shopping for a couple of days plus a few other things I’ll tell you about later.

Mystery shopping has not been so profitable lately due to the high prices. However, this round of shops in my area was worth it. They had been e-mailing me about them forever! It is surprising how many companies e-mail me about the same shops over and over. They seem to have trouble filling them. Since you can only due a particular shop every so many days, sometimes once a year or in the case of the shops I did once every 180 days, I can’t always do them.

I love this round of shops! Can not give much details because of the confidentiality thing, but I can say I can make a quick $100 in a day. Because of the gas prices a lot of MS providers are letting the shoppers do more than the usual shops per day. They are also being a lot more flexible with due dates allowing the shopper to schedule shopping with any trips to the area already required. I had to re-schedule one shop because I just couldn’t make it on time and it was no problem. That is why it actually took me two days.

Another reason that had kept me away from these shops was the reports you must submit afterwards. When I did the first round back in October most of the questions had to be answered in essay form with some requiring 500 words or more! It was just crazy! For $15 it was just not worth it! They have since streamlined the report with only four essay type questions with a minimum of 200 words! Much better! There is no scanning of paperwork required, so I can get them done much quicker. The MS provider I am speaking of is Service Excellence Group.

Note, that despite the fact that they are the same shops just different locations, they don’t like repeated answers. After doing six of these shops, with basically the same scenarios it is not that easy not to repeat yourself! They’re editing practice is not that clear to me yet. I have not been able to score higher than 9 out of 10 in their rating system, I asked them for a copy of their revised report in order to improve my future contributions, but have not heard from them. It makes me wonder because I try real hard to follow all the grammatical and sentence structure rules along with providing a detailed account, etc., and it never seems to be good enough.

Other complications I have had during the past few days include a virus on my laptop! That I can’t seem to get rid off! Also, over 200 e-mails have accumulated in my in-box that I have been trying to go through! A lot are surveys and MS providers asking for help with shops. Since this high gas prices thing I believe these e-mails have at least doubled.

Happy trails to you!

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