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Your Carbon Footprint at Brighter


This blog helped offset 350lbs. of carbon dioxide! WAHB has been given a certificate and the status of “A Blog that helps Fight Climate Change”! Awesome!

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Planet Inc.

The average carbon footprint for a US resident is 22.64 short tons per capita in 2008.

A ton of CO2 is emitted when you drive 1,350 miles in a SUV and when you travel 2000 miles in an airplane.

How big is a ton of CO2? click here.

A carbon footprint is:

“A carbon footprint is an estimated total amount of greenhouse gases produced by a person’s daily activities, such as driving and heating a home, plus shared services (e.g., street lights).
It is expressed in Carbon Dioxide-equivalent units (CO2e), because there is more than one type of greenhouse gas and each greenhouse gas has a different climate impact relative to carbon dioxide.” From:

You can make a difference by using the Brighter Planet website. There you may choose to use the products that help offset your carbon footprint or purchase offsets directly. Brighter Planet keeps track for you. For example, if you sign up for the credit card offered by their partner, Bank of America, and choose paperless billing everytime you use the card you are offsetting your carbon footprint. Also, the points earned from your purchases are “invested on your behalf to help build renewable energy products”. It’s like a “green” credit card!

“Brighter Planet is dedicated to helping you take charge in the fight against global warming and build a clean-energy future. With a majority of Americans wanting to do something for the environment, our products are an effective way for individuals and businesses to reduce their impact on the climate.” From:

Your carbon footprint as well as some tips are available at the site. Just answer some questions about how you live and it is e-mailed to you. Create a free account to keep track of your offsets. For example once your account is created you can add to your profile whether you use CFLs (Compact fluorescent light bulbs) and whatch your footprint get smaller! Or you can add efforts you are willing to make like adding CFLs to your home and track your progress. You will find all this in the “My conservation efforts, achievements and regimens” once you are signed into your account.

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Want to Sign up?Brighter Planet Inc.

One such called ‘efforts” is removing oneself from mailing lists therefore stopping junk mail and saving trees. Green or not I thought this was great I receive so much junk mail! I actually write back and tell them to quit sending me this junk I am never going to buy the product quit killing trees! They never listen.

So here’s the list for anyone to enjoy:

DMA (Direct Marketing Association) – a little time consuming, you must click on each catalog to opt out.
Fedeeral Trade Commission do not call list ends telemarketing calls.
DMA Choice - Getting off some e-mail commercial lists
Catalog Choice – also have to decline on by one each catalog.
GreenDimes will pay you $1 to stop receiving junk mail! - official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry to opt-out of credit and insurance offers. Finally. no more Geico junk mail!

Junk Mail Tips:

Eco-Cycle - Stop junk mail, e-mail and phone calls
Native Forest Network

I signed up for all of them.

Happy ‘Green’ trails to you!

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