Thursday, July 3, 2008

Making Money with SocialSpark!

This is a real money making opportunity. All you need is a blog and a grip on the English language. Yes you can write and get paid for doing so! SocialSpark is up and running!

SocialSpark is a place to find paid writing/video opportunities, market your blog, and make some friends. SocialSpark helps to provides buzz for the advertiser and the blogger alike. It is a social network, but it is not just about making friends. SocialSpark is bringing bloggers and advertisers together. It is free to join and you never have to pay anything to upgrade or any other type of sneaky gimmick. There are no gimmicks here. Straight up, join, get your blog approved and start making money. It only took Customer Love 24hrs to approve my blog.

SocialSpark requires 100% disclosure or you will not be paid. You will disclose that it is a paid advertisement and you may choose which opps to sign up for. There is no tricking your readers and you can choose which opps are a better fit to your blog. Yes, I am getting paid for this post, but no there is no conflict of interest here. I would have recommended it anyway. I am making money on SocialSpark. It works!

SocialSpark code of ethics keeps the system honest. The 100% Audit-able- In-Post Disclosure requirement lets everyone know; yes it is a paid review. There is 100% transparency; this means that everyone will be able to see each other, so you can not hide who you are working with. Therefore the transactions taking place in the marketplace are open and honest. SocialSpark requires 100% real opinions. SocialSpark does not want the blogger making up stories or be dishonest in any way. If you don’t own the product, don’t have a good opinion about it, or can’t be truthful there are many more opps to choose from, pass on it. SocialSpark wants your post to be search engine friendly, 100% search engine friendliness is also part of the code of ethics and required in every post. This means that the sponsored links automatically carries the “no-follow” attribute.

SocialSpark is a great way to make money from your blog and you don’t have to compromise your values or your readers in the process. Go ahead! Sign up and start making money.

Happy Trails!

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