Saturday, July 5, 2008

New List for Entrecard Users

Blog–O–Ninja has put out a New Entrecard Bookmark and Dropping List that proves to be very helpful for Entrecard users. He guarantees 300 actual links on there and that it will be updated regularly. Easy downloading steps are included in the post. If you want to add your site you can leave your link on his comments section. You can also find out about other lists and tips for Wordpress blogs on Blog-O-Ninja.

While I can not personally do 300 drops a day, I take too long looking around each site I drop on. Also, I have found many sites that I generally visit on Entrecard that are very informative and fun to read which I would not want to stop visiting. But, all this said, it would be nice to get new sites to check out on a regular basis and he has made it really easy. So, yes I will give it a try. Though, I can not in good conscience promise visiting all 300 sites daily.

Thanks Blog-O-Ninja!

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Blogoninja said...

Thanx for suggesting my list to the people. I have added your blog in my list if you don't mind.

chetan said...

Thanks for writing such a good article about my list. I'll make sure you never face any problem while getting 300 drops.

Barbara said...

Glad you liked the post. I like to inform of all that is useful, and your list sure does qualify. Thanks for the add, sure do appreciate it! Thanks again:-)

Taylor said...

I have never really use drop lists because when you do, you're limiting the diversity in the viewers that come to your site to only 300 people. When dropping on different blogs, your getting views from different people everyday.