Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Make Money Using LinkShare

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I found this affiliate network which I really like, LinkShare. Joining LinkShare is absolutely free. As many real money making ops you are required to give them your SS# for tax reasons. LinkShare is truly different to other networks. Up to this time I have joined a few affiliate networks that I am not very satisfied with. What I do not like about them is that it is not easy, if at all possible, to pick your advertisers. I need the affiliate revenue to keep the blog going, but I would really like to decide the content of the ads for the sake of my readers and my reputation.

With LinkShare it is so easy to choose which advertisers you want to sign up with! LinkShare is partners with major, reputable brands with many to select from (Macy’s, AT&T, Office Depot, Orbitz, Chase, Wal Mart and hundreds more). Log in and go to your publisher dashboard, which by the way has fantastic features, click on the ‘Programs’ tab to see which brands are running campaigns, selection can be made by category, new advertisers, or premium advertisers. On the far right for each brand is located an ‘Apply’ button, which if clicked on will open up a new page where terms & conditions must be accepted. If and when they approve you, yes they get to choose too, they will appear in ‘My Advertiser’ tab under approved. Wait for an e-mail or check back often, some are approved almost immediately. After approval into a campaign, go to the ‘Links’ tab where you will find a great variety of links and banners to place in your blog. That easy!

How is the pay? Not sure yet since I have not generated any income thus far, just signed up last night. Advertisers pay a commission on sales made through your link or what they call “qualifying action you generate for them”. Exactly how much you are asking yourself? The percentages and offer types vary therefore it is hard to say exactly. I will update once I have generated some income on there.

I mentioned the dashboard before as being fantastic, it truly is the best I have seen anywhere so far! It is so easy to navigate and has so many useful resources I just can’t post about it all; my posts are long enough as it is! I can’t help but highlight a few features, though. Apart from that already mentioned above there is also a ‘Reports” tab where you can find detailed information on how the ads are performing and transactions completed. There are so many reports that can be run! Some are pretty advanced; it will take me a while to figure them all out. Not to mention I need some activity before anything will show up! So help me out! Sign up with my affiliate link!

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