Monday, July 14, 2008

The Buzz about Renuzit TriScents!

I was chosen to participate in the Renuzit TriScents Campaign! Received my free sample a couple of weeks ago and have been trying it out ever since. I have to say it really does work like they say, even better. We have a cat, a dog and smoker. Have it working overtime you might say!

Renuzit TriScents is a scented oil with three different fragrances that change every 45mins or so. The change in fragrance makes it so you do not get used to the scent. Know how you can’t smell your own perfume after a while? I have two or three different perfumes that I use interchangeably so that I will not end up pouring half a bottle on myself because I can’t smell it! Renuzit TriScents work in the same manner. The aromas are very pleasant and have three adjustable fragrance levels. I placed mine in the dining room which is between the kitchen and living room. The location is great because it actually spreads to all three rooms. My favorite fragrance is the middle one, After the Rain. My collection is the Morning Meadow collection, it includes the before mentioned fragrance, Waterfall Mist and Pure Breeze. Each fragrance has a light that is activated when that particular scent is in use. I love sitting in the living room and experiencing the change of fragrances.

The campaign is “Transform Your Home in 1-2-3” featuring Tanya Memme from A&Es “Sell This House”. Basically it is about look, smell and feel. Step 1 is color, add a little paint to your walls; step 2 is scent, featuring Renuzit TriScents; and step 3 is textures, pillows, window treatments, etc.

For more details and a money saving coupon visit the Renuzit TriScents site by clicking: Renuzit TriScents

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