Monday, June 23, 2008

First E-mail from Air Car!

I received my first e-mail from ZeroPollutionMotors! Had been thinking about this car all weekend! They will keep me updated on any news about the Air Car. I can’t wait! 2010 seems like a long wait, but it is really not. Two years fly by. I am sure there will be at least a few other choices by then. So far, I think compressed air sounds the best. It gets the best mileage of any of the other fuel alternative vehicles I have read about. There also not seems to be as many complications with it in comparison to other alternative fuel vehicles. The Air Car is the option for me! The price sounds great! Actually less than what I was planning to spend on a traditional fuel car. OK, so I will have to compromise on the leg room, oh well have been doing that all my life! Anyhow, don’t know yet just how roomy they will be, they do say it is a 6-passenger car, which sounds pretty roomy to me!

More to come as I get additional updates from ZeroPollutionMotors.

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