Thursday, June 19, 2008

CheckMD Buzz

Wow! This is a cool site. On CheckMD you can research doctors of all specialties in your area and rate them. It is easy as three clicks to see if there have been any legal actions taken against them! There is also a Healthcare Debate area and the HealthTree Communities. The site is easy to navigate, extremely helpful and informative.

I live in a rural area and was skeptic when I did the search for my physician. I was so surprised not only was my general practitioner listed on CheckMD; there was a long list of doctors in my area!

CheckMD is a great research tool when looking for a physician. The doctor’s complete profile consists of four tabs.

  • General Information tab includes the doctor’s school and training information, license information, primary and secondary specialty, hospital and insurance affiliations, and credit cards accepted.
  • Disciplinary Information tab includes license status, any actions taken, exclusions and the state contact information.
  • Ratings tab includes comments by registered users and ratings by ‘Friendly’, ‘Timely’, ‘Informative’, ‘Office Staff’, and ‘Competence’.
  • Professional Page tab is a page posted and updated by the doctor’s own staff. It includes any blogs, physician’s video profile, discussions and any papers the doctor may want to share.

CheckMD is a fairly new site therefore you may find doctor’s not reviewed or that they have not yet put anything on their Professional Page. If searching for a new medical doctor in any specialty the Disciplinary tab alone is well worth the visit. Be the first to review your doctor, I did!


As a BzzAgent I get to try out new websites and products and provide honest reviews about them. Buzzing is about word of mouth, sharing honest and informed opinions. CheckMD is one of the latest frogs. I am not paid for my opinions so I can be honest and tell the good and the bad, I am not a salesperson! I receive some free samples, coupons, and some points that’s it. To see more of my BzzAgent reviews or become a BzzAgent yourself follow the link below. It is fun and informative!

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