Friday, October 17, 2008

Update -

See update at end of original post also, please.

Make Money Online -

**Update - 11-7-2008 **

Check out the comments in previous post!!!! They are a scam with BBB complaints! I'm Taking out all the links and closing account. Thanks to the person who left the comment! I should have followed my own advice and checked them out myself more thoroughly.

Still have gotten no where with this. To be fair, I did kinda give up for a while. Will go back to trying to fill out that elusive third offer.

Keep this in mind:

I filled out one of these offers that I was truly interested in, vinyl siding for my home. Boy was that a mistake! I put down that my best time to get calls from them was in the morning. Well, let me tell you! Within 15 minutes of filling out the form they were calling, and it was in the late evening! I received at least four phone calls in less than an hour and a half. It is like they spammed my phone! Then also the e-mails...not worth it. I e-mailed them back and told them on the phone that if that is how they conduct their business I was not comfortable with them and did not want their services. A few more ignored calls and e-mails and now it seems to have stopped.

Lesson learned: Keep using my old, disconnected phone number!

Happy trails!

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