Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make Money Online - CashKrazy.com


I just found this survey site, www.cashkrazy.com, was credited $5 right away for signing up and $30 for getting a car quote! Plus another $7.50 for a Green Auto Quote. Pretty awesome :-)

They pay by PayPal and direct deposit or check. I love the ones that pay by PayPal because it is great to sign in and find money in my account! You must complete 3 offers before requesting payout and it takes 30 days. You must be a US resident. It is totally free to sign up. One account per address.

To earn cash you simply choose which offers to participate in and there are daily surveys. The option to skip offers I find very helpful since I don't always want to fill these out. So far all the offers I have done have been for cash but they also use a point system, 1400 pts gets you an IPod Nano! They pay 25 points per referral, so please sign up using my links!!

Good luck and happy trails to you!

**Update - 10-10-2008 **

Ok, so I have been trying to get the payout on my $42 and it's kinda hard. It tells me I must complete 3 offers, I have 2 can't seem to get the third. I start it but It takes me to something else and it doesn't count. I don't get it. I don't like these offer things too much, I get enough junk mail as it is and I am not willing to give out credit card info or my real phone numbers! I haven't been able to find out if there is an actual money amount you need to get a pay out or is it just the 3 offers thing. Someone left a comment that the payout is at $400, that's crazy! I have not been able to confirm that as of this time.

I will update again if I get the third offer and pay out.

**Update - 11-7-2008 **

Check out the comments below!! they are a scam with BBB complaints! I'm Taking out all the links and closing account. Thanks to the person who left the comment! I should have followed my own advice and checked them out myself more thoroughly.

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Anonymous said...

ya except that payout is 400$

Barbara said...

really? I looked everywhere trying to find that exact information and all I could find was that you need to fill out 3 offers. I am having a hard time doing that! I am going to update right now. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

BBB receives rash of complaints against CashKrazy.com

Tucson, AZ - July 30, 2008 – BBB serving southern Arizona has received a rash of complaints from across the country against CashKrazy.com, a work-at-home company claiming a Tucson address of 5425 E Broadway Rd Suite #282.

BBB has verified that the address listed by CashKrazy.com belongs to a UPS store.

According to the company Website, consumers need only “enter certain information about yourself and display your knowledge…Most of these paid surveys take only fifteen minutes to complete. Once completed you are paid. It's that simple.”

But consumers, who responded to the company’s ads on sites such as Facebook and Google, tell BBB a different story.

“I took survey after survey and even signed up for some PAID offers to earn more money,” writes a consumer from Troy, Ala., “As of today, I've earned $230.40. When I requested the money to be paid to me, I was only then told that $400 must be earned before payout can be processed. After my account hit the $200 mark, ALL OFFERS dropped to $3 or below. Most offers were only worth cents. There is no possible way for a customer to earn over $400,”

“I was told I would be paid for performing my services for this website but it appears that they have no intention of paying their so-called ‘employees.’ I have actually LOST money because of them,” writes a consumer from Powhatan, Va. “This company is a real SCAM and takes advantage of citizens who are trying to earn extra money to make ends meet!!!”

BBB has received fifteen complaints against the company, four of those since July 28. One of those complaints has been closed as unanswered; the rest are pending. All complaints allege the same thing: consumers have not received payment, they were not told in advance about the $400 payout requirement, and the company does not respond to their concerns.

BBB has attempted to contact the company by phone and postal mail, but has yet to receive a response. Through its investigation, BBB has learned that the company’s Web domain name was registered in Tempe, Ariz., in May, but names associated with the site are listed as private.

BBB suggests consumers use caution when responding to any work-at-home offer and to be on guard if a company:
• Doesn’t offer regular salaried employment.
• Promises huge profits and big part-time earnings.
• Uses personal testimonials that aren’t fully attributed.
• Requires money up-front before telling you how the plan operates.
• Assures you of guaranteed markets and a huge demand for your work.
• Tells you that no experience is necessary.

Consumers who have been victimized by a work-at-home scam should contact their local BBB, state attorney general’s office, state consumer protection agency and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.