Friday, May 16, 2008

Ready to Mystery Shop?

Now that you are informed about what mystery shopping is all about it is time to get your feet wet! Start applying to as many companies as possible. The more companies have your name the more shop opportunities you will have.

First thing you should do to make this process as easy and time efficient as possible is getting a few things together.

  • Open up your new e-mail account not associated to your Internet provider.
For detailed info: Mystery Shopping Necessities

  • Get an Excel sheet to keep track of what companies you have applied to, your user names, passwords and status. Make a note of how to apply for shops, are jobs e-mailed to you? Do you need to check out their job listing? Or do they both e-mail and have a job search on the site?
Check out this great Excel sheet: Tracking Companies

  • Open up Word and get ready to write your answers here and then paste them to the sites for you will be asked the same questions over and over again. Some questions require essay style answers so you definitely want to have them saved! They will also want to know what other companies you work for; the above Excel sheet will come in handy for that.
  • Get a list ready of companies and their web addresses. Do not, I repeat DO NOT ever, I mean EVER pay for this service. Mystery shopping information is found for free all over the Internet. For a list of sites you may try my Favorite Mystery Shopping Providers, the MSPA site and Volition.

You are ready to start applying! Good luck and happy Mystery shopping!


You may see ads for Mystery shopping on this site, unless I specifically mention that I use a certain company you should do your homework first! Follow the ‘Safety First’ guidelines.

The Excel forms found through out are from the site I have no association with this site. It is just something I came across and found extremely helpful and time saving!


Lists of MSP's:

My Favorite MSP’s:

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Safety First:
  • You can check registration data here such as name, address and phone number.
  • Updated link to The BBBOnLine "Check out a Business or Charity"
  • Check it out with the Federal Trade Commission
  • Google the site name or registered domain owner and check out the buzz!
  • Leave a post about the site you are curious about and I will do all the work for you! Chances are I already have checked it out.

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