Friday, May 30, 2008

Location and Mystery Shopping

Where you live will have a direct affect on the amount of shops available to you. High density, urban areas have the greatest amount of chain stores which are the ones usually asking for Mystery shopping services. These areas will have the greatest amount of available shops, but these high density areas with a large population will also have the highest number of Mystery shoppers!

In my case, I live in a rural area which is growing significantly! Although there may not be many opportunities, there are also less mystery shoppers applying for these assignments. What this means to me is that I have a better chance of being assigned the few shops there are. Because there are not many shoppers in my area, many times these shops also have an added bonus because no one has been able to fill them.

Today location is also very important because of the high gas prices. I personally am not shopping as much as before. The high cost of gas has directly affected my ability to accept assignments outside of my immediate locale. I always try to do more than one shop in a specific area or run any errands that I may need in the vicinity. But with gas prices reaching new records every day it is increasingly difficult to justify a long drive for $8-$15 in pay.

Keep track of your mileage as an independent contractor you will need this information come tax time. This website has ready made Excel sheets that help you keep track of all your Mystery shopping activities including mileage.

Happy Mystery shopping!


You may see ads for Mystery shopping on this site, unless I specifically mention that I use a certain company you should do your homework first! Follow the ‘Safety First’ guidelines.

The Excel forms found through out are from the site I have no association with this site. It is just something I came across and found extremely helpful and time saving!

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